Project Awesome Locations

Join us at 6:30am on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s for 45-60 mins of FREE FUN!

Our mission is to get people messing around outside, talking to people, smiling a lot and HAVING FUN. We run, jump, do burpees, and generally mess around. Come along if you fancy an early morning work-out, and a well-earned coffee afterwards. Completely FREE. Radically inclusive – all abilities and peoples. And ALL weathers!

Full details are available on our Project Awesome Facebook pages. Choose your city below…

*UPDATE* We’re seeking epic volunteers to join the Project Awesome tribes! Let us know if you’re interested and what your mad skillz are! Get in touch.

The London Tribe

Monday’s | Wednesday’s | Friday’s

The Bristol Tribe

Wednesday’s | Friday’s

The Edinburgh Tribe


The Liverpool Tribe


Thoughts From The Tribe!

I was feeling distinctly average before that session. And now I’m feeling significantly above average.


Nothing will energise you more. Incredible people, hugs, love, music and merriment – I feel on top of the world!

Sarah Clare

It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you are, there’s room for everyone. In short – it rocks and so does everyone who does it!