Hey there! Parlez-vous Awesome?


Awesome but AWOL: When we notice that there’s someone who has been missing from workouts for a while.

Awesomeversary: A week we engage in celebrating the birth of Project Awesome, around 31 August each year.

Badass: Your ass, only badder. Because you’re at a Project Awesome workout.

#BigBeardLittleShorts: Danny Bent (obvs).

Chats of Awesome: The magic that happens at the cafe after a workout.

Dance Break: A 20 second interlude during which all Awesomers must throw shapes. Small fishes, big fishes, and cardboard boxes – all most acceptable. Usually denoted by the MEGABell.

#FlashFitness: Our London tribe’s Monday morning workouts.

#FreeFitness: Every single Project Awesome session is free. No fees. No membership. Zilch. Zip. Nada. #Justshowup!

Ginger Ninja: Also Danny Bent…

Hat of Awesomeness: The Hat of Awesomeness is awarded to tribe members who epitomise the Awesome vibe. Showing up every session. Smiling their faces off. Recruiting hard. Encouraging others. And occasionally someone just does something so epic that the hat just lands on their head.

Inner Unicorn: The magic that lies within each of you. Make sure you have given yours a name worthy of it.

#JustShowUp: We know that the dog ate your homework, but seriously? Just.

#LondonIsOurPlayground: In London for our Monday meet-up we love to explore the city. Mondays are the day to make it our playground with a new location each week – it’s called #FlashFitness.

Little. Red. Shorts: We don’t have a uniform (we merely suggest “bright and tight”) but, if we did, this is what we would require be going on below the waistline.

MEGABell: The bell used to indicate the beginning and the end of a Dance Break.

PA Baby: We are still waiting for a couple (or more? It’s possible…) of Awesomers to make one. We wouldn’t quite insist on naming rights but given you would have met at PA, one could argue that would be the fairest course of action.

PA Video: For those who hadn’t yet joined us at the start of the year, we made a video. A music video. Yeah.

Pre/post Watershed: Denoting the suitability of Chats of Awesome for the ears of children.

Radhab/Rehab Corner: Radical individuals who are sick or injured – who still come to do their own mini-workout.