Is Project Awesome only in London?

Right now we’re running sessions in London, Bristol and Edinburgh. We’re expanding to other cities around the UK, and looking for captains to lead the free fitness charge. If you’d like to see a Project Awesome in your home town, give us a holla.

I haven’t been working out recently…should I wait until I’m fitter to join?

Ummm (1) rubbish and (2) HELLA NO! You’ll find we’re a community of do-ers. Our sessions are designed so that no one feels left behind. Come along and grind yourself into the ground, or intersperse your chat with exercise – it’s up to you.

We don’t claim to be all things to all people, but we do respect that you’ve dragged your ass out of bed before sunrise, and we want you to enjoy the workout any way you see fit.

Do I need to sign up?

There’s no need to sign up to anything, just show up on the day at 6.25am. If you’re that excited and busting to let us know you’re coming ahead of time – we like that too. Just drop us a message.

Where do you meet?

Have a butchers at our London tribe locations, Edinburgh tribe locations and/or Bristol tribe locations, as required.

What happens if I come for a few sessions and decide it’s not for me?

Well that’s just dandy. Know that we’ll miss you when you’re gone (honestly) but you’re free to come and go as you please.

Do I need to bring any kit?

It’s entirely up to you but, from our perspective, nope! Sometimes we run themed sessions, for which you may like to come attired accordingly – keep an eye on our Facebook pages for details.

What if I’m injured?

Still come along, soak up the atmosphere and do what you can. We have a RadHab (Radical Rehab) corner for anyone wishing to do their own mini workout, and be part of the tribe. Plus, you’re never to0 injured for coffee. Unless you injured your face. Did you injure your face?

Do I need to pay?

Absolutely not. We don’t and we never will charge a single penny for Project Awesome. Fitness should be free. The outdoors is free and we like to make it our playground. We don’t make anything from it, but we know that it’ll make something of you.

Save your pennies for the post-workout coffee, this is as important as the session itself.

Do you have insurance?

I’m sorry, what? We fell asleep mid way through that question. But yes. We’re covered, thanks for asking. But, just like real life, by attending a session you agree to take responsibility for your actions as per our Disclaimer.

Why are you so happy, all the God damn time?

We tend to find that happiness is catching. When times are tough, we hope to be a slice of joy you can rely on to help pull you through. We intend to skid into our graves most ungraciously making mistakes, saying things we shouldn’t (and, more importantly, plenty of things we should) and belly laughing along the way. Join us.

What’s with all the unicorns?

Do unicorns have to happen for a reason?